Like Attracts Like

I’m still grasping the law of attraction and what we are given in any moment of time is a reflection on what we ourselves are putting out into the universe.


I am convinced that we are only given what we can handle as humans. Because I am left hand side in Mass every Sunday at Saint Anthony three rows back at 10:45, I say that God gives us the strength to handle all He has given us.


I do try to live this life as panoptic. I know that my character is who I am when I believe no one is looking. With that being said, I am living my life in the comfort believing that someone is always looking. I think, maybe, some say it’s God and others say Santa. In any case, I don’t lie, or at least, I try to live my life in the 90th percentile of not lying.

Lies complicate things. Lies cause confusion and communication breakdowns. Thanks, but no thanks. I prefer to be honest and open.


What’s most important is walking the talk. We all can preach about others. We can all judge. I’m not pretending that I’m not human. I know that I have faults. My point is being honest and upfront and acknowledging my challenges and my faults is what will attract the like to me. I want honesty. I want genuine friendship. I know that if these thoughts are what I am projecting out in my thoughts then that is what I will attract to me. If I put forth thoughts of love and kindness and genuine happiness, then that is what I will attract to me.

A meditation that I will close with on a positive tone:






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