HOUSE OF DVF & Diane von Furstenberg

So last night I dreamed that I was creating a design for Diane von Furstenberg. It was lovely… I only wish I didn’t wake up. Well, minus the part that I was an hour late for our meeting to design. She was not happy! And then I woke up… double edge sword! Do I want to wake up or face the wrath of Diane von Furstenberg? Who am I kidding? Diane von Furstenberg is a lady... she would never get mad! She would be stern, for sure, but mad. No. Dogs get mad; people get angry. And Diane, well, she would never be either publicly.

So zen. I adore her.

She meditates for ten minutes before she even steps out of her bedroom. She eats papaya and mango for breakfast and gazes at the gigantic lipstick carved out of a tree at her home, Cloudwalk, in Connecticut.

I still wish I had been able to complete my design, in dream land and in reality. And what I would give to meet her. I am seriously going to order her book as soon as I finish this paragraph. Wait, change that, I’m going to ask my incredible and intelligent darling future husband to order it for me!

Needless to say, I love this woman. I love her style. I love her inspiration to so many and her works of kindness and compassion….

I love, love, love, her. Do you think I could have a Diane von Furstenberg wedding gown?

Pretty Please?!


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